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The Bank of Russia calculated how much Russians lose from the actions of scammers

Bank of Russia: in 2022, Russians gave scammers an average of 50-100 thousand rubles

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – PRIME. Russians on average in 2022 gave 50-100 thousand rubles to scammers, while losses from investments in financial pyramids, according to experts of the Central Bank, amounted to about 5-6 billion rubles a year, the director of the department for combating unfair practices of the Bank said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Valery Lyakh.

“Last year, according to our experts, losses from investments in financial pyramids amounted to about 5-6 billion rubles. This, of course, is a lot. But, for example, in 2021, losses only in the Finiko pyramid were, according to the Interior Ministry, over 5 billion rubles. According to our estimates, the total losses from the activities of illegal immigrants and pyramid schemes have decreased by about 30-35% (compared to 2021 – ed.),” he said.

“The average check is in the range of 50-100 thousand rubles,” Lyakh added.

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