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Relatives of earthquake victims will be able to get information from e-Nabız

Citizens who were taken to hospitals after the earthquake can be followed up via e-Nabız. Relatives will be able to follow their health status.

After the destruction caused by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, search and rescue activities were started. As a result of these activities, the earthquake victims who were taken to hospitals will be informed via e-Nabız . You will be able to learn the health status of your relatives who have been exposed to the earthquake through this service.

The health status of people rescued from the earthquake will be recorded on e-Nabız

The wounds of the earthquake, which happened in the past days and affected 10 provinces, continue to heal. The earthquake victims who were taken to the hospitals in the region will be informed via the e-Nabız platform . From e-Nabız , you can check the general status of your relatives such as mother, father, spouse, sibling and child regarding disaster-related health conditions.

You can use the e-Pulse “Natural Disaster Notification ” field for the first control after the earthquake . However, it should be reminded that the earthquakes affected 10 provinces and there were thousands of injured. For this reason, it is useful to get confirmation from the health institution for detailed information of the people who were taken to hospitals.

The following statements were used in the statement on the subject:

“Natural Disaster Information field has been added to your e-Pulse profile in order to get information about the health status of your relatives and the health institution where they are located in connection with the earthquakes that occurred in our country on February 6th. With this area, it is aimed to provide general information about the disaster-related health conditions of your relatives (mother, father, spouse, sibling, child).

This information about your relative’s health status, which is provided via e-Nabız, is not precise and is shared with you in order to ensure the flow of information in this process where all health personnel and citizens are mobilized. You are kindly requested to confirm the information regarding the health status of your relatives from the relevant health institution.


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