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Putin called for changes in the strategy of scientific and technological development

Putin urged to achieve practical results in the field of scientific and technological development

MOSCOW, Feb 8 – PRIME. It is necessary to make changes to the strategy of scientific and technological development of Russia and revise approaches to the corresponding unified state program, President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting of the Council for Science and Education.

“We need to concentrate our human, financial and infrastructure resources to the maximum on a clearly defined set of priorities,” the head of state specified. 

According to him, often in the scientific and technological sphere there is a “substitution of tasks”, efforts are focused on the implementation of current work. At the same time, the country needs practical results, modern equipment, advanced products and competitive services, Putin stressed.

“We need practical, end results that the country, economy and citizens are waiting for,” he said.Housing and communal services, healthcare, energy, industry and security should become the priorities of the scientific and technological industry, the president noted and called for Russia’s independence in these areas.  

It is important to focus on national goals, taking into account the sanctions factor and carefully placing emphasis, Putin said.

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