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Kaspersky reported a sharp increase in the volume of phishing with Google resources

Kaspersky: the volume of phishing with Google resources in the world has almost tripled in January

MOSCOW, Feb 8 – PRIME. The number of attempts by users around the world to go to phishing resources masquerading as Google services increased by 2.9 times in January compared to December, Kaspersky Lab told RIA Novosti.

"Kaspersky Lab" in Moscow

Apple complied with the FAS order in the case with Kaspersky Lab


“According to Kaspersky Lab, in January 2023, the number of attempts by users around the world to go to phishing resources that mimic Google services increased by almost three times compared to December 2022 – by 189%. In early February, the trend continues”, – the message says.

It is noted that phishing pages are often created to lure out credentials that can give attackers access to many human accounts in the Google ecosystem at once, including, for example, YouTube.

Scammers can use stolen accounts on a popular video hosting site as a platform to achieve their goals. An example of a fraudulent scheme faced by users in Russia and abroad looks like this: attackers gain access to a popular blogger’s account, change his background and profile avatar, and then start broadcasting their video… The attackers tried to convince viewers to follow the QR code that is shown on the screen,” the message added.

In particular, according to the company, behind one of these links was a scam resource that allegedly hosted a cryptocurrency raffle. On such sites, users risk losing money and personal data.

“Users are increasingly faced with attacks on accounts in instant messengers and social networks. Attackers also use the channels of bloggers who already have an impressive number of subscribers in order to reach a large number of potential victims at once,” said Roman, a spam analysis expert at Kaspersky Lab. Dedenok, whose words are given in the message.

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