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Intel asks Germany for 10 billion euros in aid

Handelsblatt: Intel asked Germany for 10 billion euros in assistance to create a chip factory in the country

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – PRIME. Against the background of the crisis and anti-inflation measures, the American company Intel requested from the German government in addition to the already approved 6.8 billion euros, about 3 billion euros of subsidies for the implementation of a project to build a chip factory in the country, reports Handelsblatt, citing sources in the government. .


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In March, it was reported that Intel would build a new chip factory in Magdeburg. However, in December, the company postponed the start of construction, scheduled for the first half of 2023, because it considered the initially agreed budget insufficient due to inflation and rising prices for energy and building materials.

“The American concern considers it necessary to pay federal subsidies in the amount of almost 10 billion euros for the construction … in Magdeburg,” writes Handelsblatt. Thus, the company, in addition to the already approved 6.8, requested more than 3 billion euros in subsidies. The meeting with government representatives took place a few weeks ago, and discussion of the new request will most likely take place this Friday, the publication reports.

However, according to insiders, the real reason for the delays is not primarily related to the realities of the crisis, but to the fact that the company intends to implement a different, more modern method of producing chips on machines from the Netherlands at the factory.

Last September, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that as part of a national security strategy in Europe and Germany in particular, a semiconductor industry would be created. This strategy should make it possible to get rid of dependence on the export and import market.

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