Eight cities of the Moscow region and the Kaluga region will become participants in the popular science tour project “United Russia” “Mendeleev Tour”

As part of the round table “Development of popular science tourism in the Moscow and Kaluga regions”, held at the site of “United Russia” under the chairmanship of the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education Alexander Mazhuga, its participants discussed the new project with the heads of cities and heads of research institutes.


“The Mendeleev Tour project is a tour route that we plan to implement as part of the Decade of Science and Technology. The key task is to popularize the achievements of scientists and attract young people to the field of research and development. We came up with this project at the site of United Russia, proposed it to the action plan for the Decade of Science and Technology, and now we are starting to implement it,” said Alexander Mazhuga.

During the meeting, the participants of the event expressed their readiness to assist in the implementation of the project, and also decided to consider the inclusion of additional scientific objects and tourist points in the excursion routes. In the near future, responsible cities for the implementation and further development of the project will be identified, and a mechanism for interaction between scientific enterprises will be developed.

“Thanks to the common work of the United Russia party, the project office of the Decade of Science and Technology, the leadership of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in the Scientific and Educational Spheres of the Council under the President, the first such route has already been launched in the city of Dubna,” said Alexander Mazhuga.

The new tour route involves visiting research organizations in eight cities of the Moscow and Kaluga regions, local attractions related to science. During the excursions, participants will be able to communicate with scientists, participate in master classes, and conduct a scientific experiment.


According to the deputy, within the framework of the Mendeleev Tour project, it will be possible to visit one or several cities at once, as well as choose a tour on a specific topic – chemistry, nuclear energy, aircraft industry. He noted that the Mendeleev Tour is suitable for different audiences, but the main one is schoolchildren.

“The Mendeleev Tour project will cover eight cities. Dubna – nuclear physics, Zelenograd – electronics, Zvenigorod – astrophysics, Obninsk – peaceful atom, Protvino – energy, Zhukovsky – aerospace systems, Chernogolovka – chemistry, Korolev – rocket and space industry,” said Alexander Mazhuga.

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