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The expert emphasized the importance of specialists in the implementation of innovations

MOSCOW, Feb 8 – PRIME. To bring innovative solutions to the real economy, Russian science annually needs at least five thousand specialists in the field of technology transfer, Sergey Shestakov, Deputy Head for Commercialization of the NTI Competence Center “Geodata and Geoinformation Technologies” on the basis of MIIGAiK, shared his opinion with RIA Novosti. 


Russian banks spoke about plans to introduce technological innovations

“To transform existing processes and introduce innovative technological solutions based on scientific achievements, it is necessary to create an intermediate link – specialists in the field of technology transfer … A technology transfer team, 3-5 people, can accompany 4-9 projects per year, depending on the field of activity. Annually we need at least 5,000 such specialists,” Shestakov said.

According to the expert, the key condition for the country’s scientific sovereignty is the formation of an integral scientific and production cycle – the connectivity of research processes, technology transfer and the development of the production base.

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