space travel

In 1957, the small satellite Sputnik became the first of its kind to enter space. Since then, a lot has happened on the space front: mankind has been to the moon , now has a space station and also numerous probes and telescopes , which provide ever more detailed information about increasingly distant worlds. Find out here what is currently happening.
  • Space travel refers to travel or transport in or through space. Currently interesting missions include the European Space Agency ESA’s “Solar Orbiter” or the Mars rover “Perseverance” and the helicopter “Ingenuity”, which are currently on the road on the red planet.
  • The International Space Station, ISS for short, has been permanently inhabited by astronauts from various nations since November 2, 2000. Visitors explore space and the effects of space on the human body.
  • The “gateway” could follow the ISS. The American space agency NASA and international partners such as Boeing are working on the planned moon station. It is intended to serve as a starting point for exploring the Earth’s moon and deep space.
  • Private space travel has recently been a major driver of space exploration. Specially developed rocket and transport systems, for example from SpaceX, not only ensure visits to the ISS, but also more and more satellites orbiting the earth. There are also projects to promote space tourism and bring humanity to Mars.

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