Named the optimal place for a Wi-Fi router in the apartment

Expert Burhailo: Wi-Fi router is best placed in the central part of the apartment

MOSCOW, Feb 7 – PRIME. It is best to place a Wi-Fi router in the central part of the apartment, preferably in the corridor or in interroom spaces, so that the device can “reach out” to each room, Vyacheslav, head of the Wi-Fi direction of the telecom provider , advised on Sputnik radio . Burhailo. 

“It turns out that there will be no radiation as such next to the sleeping places, if someone is afraid of it, and Wi-Fi will reach every point of the apartment. In terms of height, it is advisable to place the router not on the floor and not under the ceiling, but in the middle – at the level of one -one and a half meters from the floor,” the expert noted.

He added that when placed directly at the ceiling or on the floor, the signal is additionally reflected from these surfaces, and each additional reflection incurs, albeit small, losses,” concluded Vyacheslav Burkhaylo.

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