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iOS 11 crash on iPhone

A date error in Apple's iOS11 operating system has been causing iPhones to crash since December 2nd. We show how to fix the problem and what needs to be considered.

Since December 2, 2017, midnight local time, numerous iPhone users with the iOS 11 operating system have had a problem: their smartphone keeps crashing and cannot be persuaded to operate for a longer period of time even after a restart. The iPhone is caught in a crash loop, so to speak.

The cause is apparently a date error that, in combination with a certain type of message, brings the iOS 11 operating system to its knees. The problem has been appearing since December 2, 2017, but it is to be expected that the iPhone will continue to crash regularly even after this date.

On the English-language support page , the manufacturer Apple points out the problem and describes a solution: Users should update to the iOS 11.2 operating system, which Apple has made available ahead of time for this purpose. However, there are a few important points to consider before updating. Because if the iOS switches itself off again during the update, there may be a more serious problem – data loss cannot be ruled out either.

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