Cheap SIM mineo is on the offensive, to catch up with a monthly plan of 250 yen and advertising communication volume “no can” function

Optage, a telecommunications subsidiary of Kansai Electric Power Co., is going on the offensive with a cheap SIM service developed under the “mineo” brand. New menus and services will be introduced one after another from February to March 2023. By expanding the lineup and responding to diverse needs, the number of contracts will increase, and at the same time, the retention of existing customers will be strengthened.

 MVNOs (Virtual Mobile Telecommunications Operators), which deal with cheap SIMs, have been forced into a tough battle since the government-made price cuts in 2021 by major mobile phones. This is because the superiority in terms of fees, which had been the biggest selling point of MVNOs until then, suddenly disappeared. Will it be a comeback for Optage?

Aim for the second line or Garake with a monthly plan of 250 yen

 On February 1, 2023, Optage first added a 10-minute call pack as a call option. If you pay 110 yen (including tax) per month, you can make domestic calls for up to 10 minutes (440 yen) per month without using a dedicated app. Unused call time can be carried over to the next month (up to 10 minutes). It is suitable for users who do not make frequent calls enough to subscribe to unlimited calling, and who make calls for several tens of seconds or several minutes several times a month.

 From February 22, we will accept new applications for “My Soku Super Light,” which allows unlimited use of low-speed communication at a maximum of 32 kilobits per second for a monthly fee of 250 yen (tax included). If you need high-speed communication, you can use the “24-hour data unlimited use” for 330 yen (tax included) per use. Therefore, it is suitable for applications where you want to maintain multiple lines at low cost as a countermeasure against communication failures. It is also assumed that users of “garakei”, which is mainly used for voice calls, can combine unlimited calls with Mysokuhis Super Light, and switch while reducing the burden of charges.

main services of mineo
main services of mineo
(Source: Optage)
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 Similarly, we will expand support for “eSIM”, which is attracting attention as a countermeasure against communication failures. In addition to the currently available A Plan (KDDI line), eSIM will also be available from February 22 on the D Plan (NTT DoCoMo line).

 Each one of these looks plain, but it certainly expands the user’s options. Optage aims to promote the fact that customers can choose the plan that suits them according to their various lifestyles, which will lead to an increase in the number of contracts. However, while the options are expanding, it is also complicated and difficult to understand. Therefore, we plan to offer “Myneo! Plan Maker” on the mineo service site in early March, where you can choose the most suitable plan simply by answering a simple question.

Promote the fact that you can choose the plan that suits you and lead to an increase in the number of contracts
Promote the fact that you can choose the plan that suits you and lead to an increase in the number of contracts
(Source: Optage)

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