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AI-equipped smart stroller Ella wins CES 2023 Innovation Award

On November 16, 2022, Canadian startup Glüxkind Technologies announced that its AI-equipped smart stroller “Ella” won the “CES 2023” Innovation Award. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual event run by the Consumer Technology Association that recognizes products of outstanding design and technology.

Ella is equipped with battery-powered dual motors on the rear wheels. The Push Assist function works on uphills that require force to push, while on downhills, the intelligent brake function works to match the driver’s walking speed and stop when the driver stops. It is said that there is no danger that the stroller will start moving on its own in the unlikely event that you let go of your hand on a steep downhill. Also, if there are no children on board, you can use the hands-free function that self-propelled in front of the operator while keeping the distance within reach. This is a convenient function when your child wants to walk on his own or when he complains about not being able to hold him.

In addition to 360-degree monitoring of the surroundings and alerts of approaching cars and scooters, the rocking function that automatically shakes the stroller and the white noise playback function support children’s sleep. It also has a tracking function that lets you know where the stroller is from the app even if you are away.

Ella’s selling price is $ 3800 (about 500,000 yen). Delivery is scheduled to start in April 2023.

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