A 42-year-old IT engineer who applied for a mid-career recruitment, asked why he was not hired, but did not tell me

Q. I am 42 years old and I am an IT engineer who is looking for a new job. Those who have experience and skills are applying for medium-sized or larger IT companies. I passed the document screening of an IT company and got an interview. The interview went well, but I was rejected. When I contacted them because I wanted to know the reason why they were not hired, they did not reply. The recruiter just told me the same thing as the content of the rejection letter. I think it would be good if you could tell me the reason. What do you think.

 The interviewer said that the atmosphere at the interview was good and positive. I can understand your desire to know why you were rejected.

The company is not obligated to state the reason for rejection

 The company has freedom of hiring. It is the company’s decision, and there is no obligation to state the reason if it is not hired.

 Let’s say you tell the questioner who has finished the interview the individual reason why you were not hired. For the company, there is a risk that this will lead to unnecessary trouble. As far as I know, there is no company that specifically states the reason that the questioner wants (convinces).

 The questioner is confident in their experience and skills. On the other hand, suppose that the company determines that the expected experience, ability, and skills are lacking. The questioner will be offended by the rejection no matter how it is worded. You will not be convinced and will want to argue.

 Even if the questioner asks the company why they were not hired, they only get an abstract answer such as “It’s the result of a comprehensive evaluation.” It is the same as the content of the rejection notice.

 Due to my profession, I have seen many rejection notices prepared by companies. The hiring company may ask for advice about the appearance, text, and notification method of the rejection notice.

 Notifications are generally sent by mail or email. Do not write down the reasons for rejection. There are differences in wording depending on the company, but three things are written in the rejection letter. In summary, the sentences are “I carefully considered the selection process”, “I regret that the decision was made from among many applicants”, and “I will not be hiring this time”.

 Although there are slight differences in the expressions, the basics are the same. Other than this, there is a description about whether or not to return the application documents and how to handle them.

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