Yunnan to increase technology spending by 30% in 2023

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province announced on the 5th that the agency recently released its 2023 technology plan project budget. Total expenses increased by 30.4% year-on-year to 3.4 billion yuan (1 yuan is about 19.5 yen), the largest growth rate in nearly a decade. The budget size has doubled from 2018. Science and Technology Daily reported.

In 2023, the agency will carry out several key provincial science and technology projects, intensify support for the research and development of key core technologies, and promote the transformation of key scientific and technological achievements into application models. Cultivate and strengthen the main body of innovation, strengthen the empowerment of fintech enterprises, build an advanced version of the technology lending risk compensation system, and carry out the actions of the whole society to improve R&D investment. We will continue to focus on basic research and applied basic research, and jointly promote basic scientific research and the construction of “double first-class” (world-class universities and first-class departments). Build a first-class innovation platform, accelerate the construction of the Yunnan laboratory, and vigorously promote the application and construction of national key laboratories. We will deepen the implementation of the talent plan to revitalize Yunnan, and make every effort to attract, train and utilize technology talents. (Editing YF)

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