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NTT East establishes a research institute for regional revitalization, creating value with food and nature

NTT East established the “Regional Recycling Future Research Institute” within its headquarters organization and started its activities on February 1, 2023. To date, the company has expanded optical broadband services and provided digital solutions to solve regional issues. In addition to this, the new research institute will carry out activities aimed at creating new value in the region and building a recycling-oriented society as an initiative to accelerate regional revitalization.

 In cooperation with local residents, universities, and communities, we will rediscover the charm of the region, such as culture, food, and nature, and create new value through surveys and research on local assets. In addition, based on these, we will consider and plan regional policies together, and by working together to implement them, we will realize the construction of a recycling-oriented society in which the region can sustainably develop.

 First of all, we will start recruiting local governments, companies and organizations to work together on activities. Information on activities such as surveys and research results will be posted on the website of the Regional Recycling Future Research Institute.

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