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Mitsubishi Electric offers high salaries to new graduates of AI and power electronics technology, from joining in April 24

Mitsubishi Electric will set up a new job matching system for new graduates joining the company after April 1, 2024. Two new courses will be established: a technical course, in which salaries and bonuses are presented in addition to the assignment, and an administrative course, in which job types are determined at the application and selection stage. Promote the placement of human resources based on the wishes and expertise of applicants, and encourage autonomous career development after joining the company.

 Of these, the technical courses target applicants in advanced technical fields such as AI (artificial intelligence), data science, and power electronics. Based on the conventional system of matching applicants’ specialties and job assignments at the selection stage, we have set higher salaries and bonuses so that applicants can take on difficult jobs. The new system aims to gain an edge in the competition to acquire human resources.

 In the conventional technical system, the treatment conditions after joining the company were the same regardless of the applicant’s knowledge and skills. As a result, it was difficult to increase the desire to apply for jobs with a high degree of difficulty. Under the new system, the employment conditions are the same as those of ordinary new graduates, and high standards are set for treatment conditions after joining the company.

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