“Deep-fried larvae – very tasty!”. How sausages, medicines and fertilizers are made from maggots

Entomologist Sorokoletov spoke about the most promising species of flies for the food industry

Is it really impossible to distinguish the sausage from the larvae of the black lion fly from the Doctor’s? Why do some advanced clinics, in order to fight trophic ulcers, place maggots on the wounds of their patients? What other production tasks are solved by “advanced” species of flies? Oleg Sorokoletov, Chief Specialist of the Laboratory of Biopolymers of the Novosibirsk Agrarian University, spoke about this in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.


– Yes. I now work with the black lion fly, and before that I worked with the common housefly all my life. We bred a Novosibirsk breed of house fly, it was called M-1 (Novosibirskaya 1 or N-1). Unlike the wild one, she could live in cages and not get sick. And the wild one literally died in a few days from various diseases, mainly from the mold Entomophthora muscae – this is such a predatory fungus, it eats flies alive.

– Flies can solve several urgent problems at once. In the USSR, there was a problem of manure and litter – there was nowhere to put them (now this problem is also relevant). In our country, with the help of flies, zoohumus was obtained from a ton of manure in a week. The volume does not change much, and the mass decreased greatly, by 5 times! Moreover, it turned out to be a loose mass that had nothing in common with manure, similar to tea leaves. This fertilizer, which, in terms of the amount of mobile substances available to plants, occupies an intermediate position between organic and mineral. Moreover, this zoohumus protected plants from various pests.

– From what, for example?

– For example, from gall nematodes (roundworms) – the scourge of all greenhouse farms. If it starts up, then you need to either steam the entire soil half a meter deep, or completely change it.And if we introduce zoohumus, even diseased plants are restored, and the harvest is simply wild.(up to 30% increase). Moreover, unlike chemistry, zoohumus does not destroy, but reduces the threshold of harmful insects. After all, if we destroy them completely, then their holy place is never empty – some other pest will come, and perhaps even more dangerous, insensitive to these poisons. And here everything is balanced, everything is measured by nature.

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