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China’s first mass-produced, large-capacity offshore wind power generation project begins construction

Fujian Zhangpu Liuao offshore wind power plant phase 2 project has recently started. This is China’s first project to adopt mass-produced large-capacity offshore wind power generators of 16MW or more. People’s Daily reported.

The wind farm is located in the southeastern sea area of ​​Zhangpu County, with a distance of 32.8 kilometers from the center to the coastline, a construction site area of ​​about 229,000 square kilometers, and a total installed capacity of 400MW.

According to Gong Chuangmin, vice president of Three Gorges Group Zhangpu Strait Co., Ltd., offshore wind farms in China currently generally use generators with a single capacity of 10 MW or less. The Zhangpu Phase 2 project will adopt the first mass-produced ultra-large single-capacity generator. The larger the unit capacity of the wind power generator, the higher the power generation efficiency, and the less sea area it occupies. Development and operation and maintenance costs are correspondingly lower.

The project aims to start generating power from the first batch of generators at the end of August this year, and the annual power transmission capacity after full operation will exceed 1.6 billion kWh.

China’s offshore wind power generation has developed rapidly in recent years and remains the world’s largest in terms of installed capacity. With the acceleration of the construction of offshore wind power projects and the continuous exploration of the marine environment, the offshore wind power industry is gradually expanding into large power and deep sea and ocean. It has already formed a complete wind power industry chain and supply chain with top-level global competitiveness. Currently, 60% of the wind power equipment in the international market is made in China. (Editing YF)

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