Touch pen “4in1 multifunctional pen” that can also be used as a smartphone stand

There are times when you want to stand up your smartphone and just look at the screen while taking a break or eating on the go. However, it’s a little troublesome to carry a stand just for that purpose.

 A writing instrument with a built-in stand function that can be used in such cases is Calm’s “4in1 multifunctional pen” introduced this time. This is a product designed to be used as a smartphone stand by folding the center part of the pen.

 The appearance of this product is almost the same as a general ballpoint pen, but the major difference is that the center part is foldable. Even if you say it’s an ordinary ballpoint pen, you’ll believe it.

It looks just like a regular pen. It is made of resin and does not have a high-class feeling

Side view. There is a hinge slightly to the right of the center

 The folded body part has a structure that supports the smartphone from the back as it is. Also, it is reasonable that the stopper part of the clip when sticking it in the breast pocket will prevent slipping when the smartphone is upright.

It is possible to bend like this

It can be used as a smartphone stand. There is not much stability in the left and right direction, and some ingenuity is required

The tip of the clip functions as a stopper to place the smartphone

 This product also comes with a stylus function. When the smartphone is standing on this product, it can not be used as a touch pen because only the screen is seen, and when it is not used as a stand, it can be used as a touch pen.

You can use it as a touch pen by twisting the tip and retracting the pen tip.

 When used as a stand, the width of the clip that serves as the pedestal is only about 11 mm, so if you don’t pay attention to the center of gravity, it will tilt left and right, and you can’t lock it when the pen is extended. However, these drawbacks can be offset by being able to use it for multiple purposes, such as installing a penlight. In addition to this product, there are several pens that can stand up smartphones on the market, but it seems to be a strength that the appearance is infinitely general and easy to use on a daily basis.

Can be used as a ballpoint pen

It has many functions such as an LED light function.

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