The results of DX are insufficient, the current situation of Japanese companies found in a survey of 674 companies

Is the digital transformation (DX) of Japanese companies successful or unsuccessful? Nikkei Cross Tech and Nikkei BP Research Institute Innovation ICT Lab’s original research report “DX Survey 2023-2025 674 companies’ success / failure situation and problem analysis” shows progress in DX initiatives, but sufficient The reality that it can not be said that it is producing results has been highlighted.

 Following 2019 and 2020, this is the third time (conducted in 2022) to conduct an independent survey of DX by Japanese companies.

The current state of DX, the most common answer is “promoting a little”

 How has the progress of DX among Japanese companies changed compared to the previous 2020 survey? In order to understand the current situation, we asked, as in the previous survey, “Is your company promoting DX?” They were asked to choose from four options: “Actively promoting”, “Slightly promoting”, “Not much promoting”, and “Not promoting at all”.

 The largest response rate was 38.3% for “promoting DX a little”. This was followed by 31.8% of respondents who said they were “actively promoting it.” 70% of the respondents answered that they are “promoting” the total of these items.

On the other hand, 13.2% answered that they “do not promote it very much” and 15.9% answered that they “do not promote it at all.” The ratio of “not promoting” is 30%.

 The progress of DX has changed significantly compared to the results of the previous 2020 survey. Last time, less than 50% of the respondents answered that they are “promoting,” while more than 50% answered that they are “not promoting.”

 In this year’s survey, the number of respondents who said they are “promoting” increased by 22.5 points from the previous survey. The percentage of respondents who answered “promoting” was higher than “not promoting”.

Looking at the breakdown of “Promoting”, in this survey, the ratio of “Actively promoting” increased by 19 points compared to the previous survey (12.8%), the largest increase. The percentage of those who answered that they are “promoting a little” increased by 3.5 points compared to the previous survey (34.8%).

 As opposed to this, what about “not promoting”? The percentage that decreased the most was “not promoted at all.” Compared to the previous time (31.9%), this time (15.9%) decreased by 16 points. 13.2% of respondents answered that they are not making much progress this time, down 6.9 points from the previous survey (20.1%).

DX promotion status

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