Scientists have established the psychological consequences of stress caused by COVID-19

Scientists from the Old Dominion University in the  US found that the stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19 significantly affect the mental health of employees. The results are published in the journal Occupational Health Science.

The pandemic has led to social isolation, financial stress, uncertainty, health problems and, in some cases, increased workloads. The authors of the study conducted a comprehensive meta-analysis of 135 studies on the psychosomatic stress of workers caused by COVID-19.

The researchers found that workers with families and children, as well as women, were more stressed by COVID-19 compared to those without children, unmarried people, and men.

Increased stress caused by COVID-19 has been associated with worse overall mental health and quality of life, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and sleep problems. It was also correlated with decreased job satisfaction, increased susceptibility to burnout and stress at work.

“The key finding of the study is that the stress caused by COVID-19 has a very tangible impact on employee well-being. The pandemic is still not over, and people are tired of restrictions and a sense of uncertainty, so it is important to study this issue, ”the scientists noted.

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