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Experts told how Yandex can replace Nvidia processors

Experts: Yandex may replace Nvidia processors with counterparts from China and Russia

There are not enough graphics processors from the American manufacturer Nvidia imported to Russia through parallel imports, so Yandex can replace them in its projects with domestic or Chinese counterparts, interviewed experts told RIA Novosti.

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Earlier on Monday, the Vedomosti newspaper, citing sources in IT companies, wrote that a shortage of graphics processors (GPUs) from Nvidia, which announced the suspension of supplies to Russia almost immediately after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, could slow down Yandex’s development projects drones and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. According to the publication, this issue was discussed in mid-January at a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development, the government and other interested structures.

“The cessation of the supply of these accelerators (GPU – ed.) undoubtedly makes it difficult to expand and maintain current clusters. To maintain current clusters, companies will be forced to use “parallel imported” processors, while it will be easier to shift towards Chinese manufacturers for expansion” , – says Alexander Biryukov, head of IT and development at the NTI Competence Center for Big Data at Moscow State University.

The founder and CEO of Droneshub (an NTI member company) Maxim Tomskikh has a similar opinion. According to him, “the situation with the shortage of Nvidia became noticeable last year, for this reason several projects working in the direction of autonomous unmanned systems were closed in Russia at once.”

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“In general, the absence of Nvidia is noticeable, but not critical. The largest developers of drones and artificial intelligence will somehow reorganize and continue to work, switch to alternative import options, or also begin to develop completely their own,” added Tomskikh.

In turn, MForum Analytics analyst Alexei Boyko said that Yandex could replace Nvidia GPUs with Biren BR100 models manufactured by Chinese Biren Technologies. “The import of Nvidia processors to Russia continues as part of the ‘parallel import’, but this channel cannot provide the required volume. In addition, it is difficult to work without technical support, access to updates and warranties. There are also risks of remote shutdown of devices,” he added.

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