Expert Zavyalov admitted that earthquake tremors in Turkey could last several years

Aleksey Zavyalov , chief researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS , told Pravda.Ru that seismic disasters in  Turkey could last more than one year. So he commented on the forecasts of the Turkish geophysicist Ahmet Ercan, according to which the repeated shocks of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the republic will last at least two to three years .

“Yes, it happens that earthquakes, aftershocks, that is, aftershocks, go on for several years. We need to keep an eye on this region. So far, we can only say that the colleague’s statement is either based on his experience, or it is unfounded, ”Zavyalov explained.

The expert added that the area where the tragedy occurred has always been seismically active.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 struck Turkey on the morning of February 6. The epicenter was the Pazardzhik district in Kahramanmarash. Tremors were also felt in  Adana , Ankara , Antalya , Kayseri, Mersin , Trabzon and Urfa. The highest alert level has been declared in the country. By evening, it became known that the death toll had risen to 1,498.

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