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Panasonic Automotive Achieves Zero CO2 Emissions at All Sites, Group First

In January 2023, Panasonic Automotive Systems achieved carbon neutrality (effectively zero carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions)  at all of its six domestic and eight overseas sites . Announced on the 27th of the same month. This is the first operating company of the Panasonic Group. The group has declared its net zero CO 2 emissions by 2030 .

 Carbon neutrality was achieved this time mainly by procuring renewable energy from outside and purchasing non-fossil fuel certificates, in addition to the 3% annual reduction in energy consumption that has been promoted so far ( Fig. 1 ). We will continue our efforts to reduce energy consumption by 3% annually. At the same time, as of January 2023, renewable energy, which is mostly dependent on external sources, would like to raise the in-house power generation rate from the current 0.1% to 50% by 2030.

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