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Next-generation charging method proposed by DOCOMO, utilizing lasers and room lighting

At “docomo Open House ’23”, NTT Docomo unveiled technology for charging mobile batteries with long-distance wireless charging and panels that charge with indoor light. Aiming for commercialization in the future.

“Charging stress-free” to charge without being conscious

 What was disclosed is a technology that wirelessly charges a device several meters away by using an optical laser. While devices that require charging, such as smartphones, wireless earphones, and smart watches, have become familiar, the complexity of charging them is becoming an issue.

The black part in the center fires a laser

A long black strip on top of the vehicle receives the laser

 Wireless chargers are slowly becoming more popular, but this one goes a step further and uses a light laser to power devices far away from the charger. Since charging starts when the battery enters a certain range, the concept of “stress-free charging” is proposed, in which the user is not conscious of the act of “charging” in the first place.

Aiming for a design that blends seamlessly into the interior. An external charger that receives a laser is also planned on the device side

 Advantages such as eliminating the need for a built-in battery and realizing miniaturization of the device are also explained. At the venue, it was shown how a railway car toy was powered by a charging device integrated with lighting equipment and running.

Charge your device with room light

 The environment-friendly “indoor light charging” technology was also released.

It looks like a solar panel, but it has the feature of being able to generate enough electricity even with indoor light

 An initiative to use the light from the lighting that illuminates the interior of a house to charge devices. Focusing on the fact that lighting fixtures are focused on illuminating light and not being fully utilized as energy, we will utilize “dye-sensitized solar cells” to charge smartphones and other devices.

mobile battery on the back

Charge by connecting multiple

 At the venue, the state of charging a mobile battery with a device under development was shown. Aiming for commercialization in the future, the design is also focused on design so that people can actually pick it up. Currently, it takes about 120 hours to charge 4000mAh even if nine panels are connected using the lights in the venue as energy.

 At present, neither wireless charging nor indoor photovoltaic power generation are efficient enough to charge smartphones, etc., but the “optical convergence technology” envisioned by IOWN has made progress in reducing the power consumption of smartphones and other devices. In the future, it is expected that this charging method will become common.

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