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Led by AWS, Meta, and Microsoft, Overture Maps Foundation established to jointly develop open map data

The Linux Foundation announced on December 15, 2022 that it has established the “Overture Maps Foundation” to jointly develop interoperable open map data that can be used to improve map services around the world.

The Overture Maps Foundation was founded by four companies: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Meta, Microsoft and TomTom. It is said that more participating companies, organizations and supporters will be recruited in the future.

Participating companies and organizations will accelerate development by inputting various signals and data for map data improvement, and will influence priorities and decision-making regarding investment, technological innovation, and schedule.

We plan to release the first dataset in the first half of 2023. It incorporates basic layers such as buildings, roads, and administrative information. To support the next generation of map products, we plan to improve the coverage, resolution and accuracy of existing data, as well as introduce new layers such as 3D data for locations, routes and buildings.

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