KDDI President Takahashi, dual SIM backup line with Softbank “at a few hundred yen level”

Makoto Takahashi, President and CEO of KDDI, announced on the afternoon of the same day at the financial results conference that the dual SIM service (starting from the end of March), which will be a countermeasure against communication failures with SoftBank, “is available as an option for a few hundred yen. I want to offer it,” he said.

As a mechanism, in the case of KDDI, it is said that Softbank has wholesaled the line.

 Mr. Takahashi describes the new service as “something like insurance, like a business continuity plan (BCP) for corporations.” There is an idea that we want as many users as possible to use it, and the charge for the dual SIM service provided as a backup line is “The basic charge is about a few hundred yen, and in an emergency, the pay-as-you-go charge will be slightly higher.” I drew an image of

 Details of the service will be announced separately, but for SIM, both physical SIM and eSIM will be supported.

situation with other companies

 Mr. Takahashi said, “What I realized in July 2022 was that there was no alternative. There used to be public phones in the city, and even single-person households had landlines at home. There are many people who live only with their smartphones,” he said, pointing out changes in the environment.

 Considering the large-scale failure, discussions on inter-operator roaming are underway, and in light of the fact that Softbank President Junichi Miyagawa presented the idea of ​​dual SIM, KDDI started to consider it.

 Mr. Takahashi says that negotiations with SoftBank went smoothly.

 On the other hand, although Docomo has been calling out, it has not yet decided when it will be realized, and said, “There is no content that can be answered.”

 Regarding Rakuten Mobile, it is said that KDDI has not called out. Behind this is the fact that Rakuten Mobile’s services are still under development. KDDI provides a roaming service that allows Rakuten users to use the au service area, and Mr. Takahashi said, “If the (Rakuten) area expands, I think we can achieve something similar.”

 Regarding negotiations with MVNOs, he said, “We haven’t talked about it yet.”


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