How to enjoy live streaming of sports, concerts, plays, etc. on a large TV screen using a smartphone

Due to the longer “home time”, various entertainment can now be enjoyed online. In particular, sports, concerts, theatrical performances, and other forms of entertainment that until now could only be seen at a venue, are being streamed live because of constraints such as time and distance, as well as capacity issues. For fans who didn’t get a chance, it can be said to be a positive change.

Make sure that your smartphone is properly connected to your home Wi-Fi during live streaming and pre-testing.

 Live distribution platforms such as YouTube, Streaming+, PIA LIVE STREAM, and MUSIC/SLASH are also expanding, and it is necessary to prepare for each platform to watch.

 In addition to installing the app, registering for the service, purchasing tickets for paid distribution, and depending on how you want to watch it, you need to prepare additional equipment.

 Here, we will verify how to enjoy live distribution by outputting it from a smartphone to a large screen TV.

Wired connection is extremely stable, but some terminals cannot be used with Android smartphones

 There are two ways to output video from your smartphone to your TV: wired and wireless . Aside from archives that can be viewed over and over again, it is of course possible to expect more stable output in the situation of live distribution where failure is impossible. Unfortunately, not all smartphones support wired video output. In particular, it is necessary to be careful because there are many models that are not compatible with Android smartphones.

How to connect iPhone to TV

 In the case of the iPhone, HDMI output to the TV is possible by using a conversion adapter from Lightning to HDMI.

 Cheaper third-party adapters are also on sale, but we recommend using Apple’s genuine “Lightning – Digital AV Adapter” (6380 yen). This is because some platforms, such as MUSIC/SLASH, do not support non-genuine adapters. MUSIC/SLASH warns that using third-party adapters may result in copy protection.

“Lightning – Digital AV Adapter” (6380 yen). Equipped with two ports, Lightning and HDMI, you can output HDMI while charging

How to connect android phone to tv

 For Android smartphones, use a USB Type-C and HDMI conversion adapter or conversion cable.

However, the condition is that the smartphone supports the standard “DisplayPort over alternate mode (DP Alt mode)” that  allows video output from USB Type-C . Correspondence varies depending on the model, and in many cases it is not specified in the specifications. If you don’t know, you have no choice but to contact the manufacturer. Some platforms, such as MUSIC/SLASH, publish a list of compatible smartphones, so I would like to refer to this information as well.

Elecom’s “USB Type-C video conversion adapter AD-CHDMIBK” used by the author (currently discontinued). Similar adapters are available for a few thousand yen

Wireless output to Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast

 The reason why some models do not support wired output is that most Android smartphones support wireless video output using “Miracast” and “Google Cast”. Depending on the model, it supports both or only Google Cast, and if the TV supports these standards, it can output video directly. Even if your TV is not compatible, you can wirelessly display your maho video on the big screen of your TV via a streaming media player that can be connected to the HDMI port.

Amazon’s “Fire TV Stick (3rd Generation)”, “Fire TV Stick 4K” and “Fire TV Stick 4K Max” support “Miracast” as standard.

First, turn on “Fire TV Stick” Settings -> Display and Sounds -> Enable Mirroring

Next, open the mirroring or cast setting (named “Smart View” in the Galaxy series) on the status bar of the smartphone, select the Fire TV Stick and connect

If you add the “AirReceiver” application to the “Fire TV Stick”, it will also support wireless video output via “Google Cast” and iPhone’s “AirPlay”

 If you connect Google’s “Chromecast” or “Chromecast with Google TV” to your TV and connect to the same Wi-Fi as your smartphone, you can use “Google Cast” from your smartphone to output video to your TV.

 Like “Miracast”, the entire smartphone screen can be mirrored, but with “Google Cast”, it is also possible to output each content by tapping the cast mark of the corresponding video. It also has the advantage of not being disturbed by notifications while watching.

The procedure is the same for output with “Google Cast”. If you turn on “Cast Screen” in the status bar and select “Chromecast” as the output destination, the smartphone screen will be output to the TV as it is.

If you want to output only a specific video, tap the “Cast” icon on that video and select “Chromecast” in the same way

If it is possible to output a single video, it is possible to make full use of the TV screen size. Even if there are notifications in the background, they are not displayed on the TV

When mirroring the entire smartphone screen, the display range is smaller than the TV frame

Use of PC, Chromecast and FireTV apps

 So far, we have introduced how to access the live stream on your smartphone and watch the video on a large TV screen, but if you want a more stable connection environment, you can also use a PC connected to a wired LAN.

 Depending on the live distribution platform, it is also possible to access and watch the live distribution directly from the streaming media player’s browser application. For example, YouTube has a dedicated application for both “Fire TV Stick” and “Chromecast”, and can be played directly.

 In MUSIC/SLASH, as a way to watch on TV, you can access using the SILK browser app on “Fire TV Stick (3rd generation)”, “Fire TV Stick 4K”, and “Fire TV Stick 4K Max”. is guiding

 The supported viewing environment is posted in detail on each live distribution platform site in the form of recommended environments. In addition, most distribution platforms have videos for test viewing, so be sure to check them in advance. If you prepare well, you should be able to concentrate on the live distribution without panicking on the day.

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