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The scientist explained whether the router can be hazardous to health

Modern multi-apartment and country houses, business centers, universities, enterprises and other public places in one way or another require access to a wireless Wi-Fi network using a router that supports 4G (LTE) and 5G standards. Despite the obvious convenience of using the router, there are numerous discussions about its impact on human health, Mikhail Kostin, head of the Department of Radio Wave Processes and Technologies, RTU MIREA, tells the Prime agency.

According to him, there are a number of studies – and often quite contradictory.

Thus, the World Health Organization agreed with the conclusions of the International Committee on Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation that it is unlikely to harm a person with electromagnetic radiation in the range from 100 kHz to 300 GHz, including Wi-Fi routers, if the norms of the maximum radiated power are strictly observed, set for each of the radio frequency subbands.


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