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Russians are losing interest in buying e-books online

The interest of Russians in buying e-books online has fallen by 20% over the past year, despite the fact that prices have not changed much over this time, according to price aggregator data available to RIA Novosti.

“Price aggregator analyzed the average prices and demand for popular e-books. According to the study, interest in buying e-readers online decreased by 20% in a year …. Average prices for popular e-book models at the end of the year, for the most part, remained at the level of early 2022,” the study says.

It is noted that the most strongly prices for these devices fluctuated in the second and third quarter of last year: this is due to the rush demand in the first month of spring. However, the cost of most devices, as well as demand for them, stabilized already in the third quarter. So, for example, if the PocketBook 740 cost 18,914 rubles in the first quarter, then at the beginning of 2023 its price was 19,872 rubles. And some e-books have even fallen in price. Among them is Onyx Boox Poke 3, the cost of which decreased by 16% (from 19,841 rubles to 16,745 rubles).

In turn, the product category manager in the Entertainment and Gadgets department of M.Video-Eldorado Pavel Zemskov told RIA Novosti that e-books have their own audience, and the demand for them is low, but stable over the past few years.

“Books are evolving in terms of technology and features, for example, the choice is expanding to include models with a color and touch screen, waterproof or dustproof case… Typically, the category is most in demand from mid-May, before the holiday period, and during the summer, including on the eve of beginning of the new academic year. Another peak of interest falls on November-December, when e-books are purchased as a gift,” the expert emphasized.

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