OpenAI is developing a neural network to replace entry-level programmers

The sad news for those who wanted to change their occupation and master programming is that artificial intelligence is almost ready to fill this niche. OpenAI is training a special AI model that can not only write working code, but also think like a programmer. The process has been going on for more than six months, and since Microsoft is behind the project , its scale should not be underestimated.

It is reported that OpenAI has hired about a thousand programmers and developers in Latin America and Eastern Europe to work on the project. They are tasked with solving classic problems from the areas of programming, application development and code adaptation for new tasks. The key point is that they are required to describe in detail the logic of their code in written English.

Further, with the help of the Codex tool, the text is translated into instructions for the AI, which is learning to program. The goal of the project is to train AI in the thought process that a programmer uses in his work. Not so much writing the code itself – this is just not difficult – but understanding and solving the tasks set.

With a high probability, the project will succeed, just as AI artists have learned to draw realistic paintings, and textual neural networks already know how to write coherent stories. This is very beneficial for large businesses, as it allows you to automate and reduce the cost of routine code creation processes. Complex tasks will still be solved by people with specialized education and experience, but the path for newcomers to this industry will be extremely difficult


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