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A very small number of people have such a tenacious memory that they are able to remember everything they saw and heard in real detail. Most, like journalist Shubham Agarwal, have trouble remembering the details of articles they recently read online. Agarwal found himself an AI assistant in the form of the Heyday application, on which he entrusted all the duties of remembering important information.

Heyday is a browser extension and really helps to remember information better. After three weeks of using it, Agarwal made the first conclusions and found only one, but a very important drawback. Heyday is much more efficient than its counterparts, which simply compile lists of sites visited by the user. However, according to the tester, regular use of it can worsen natural biological memory over time.

The AI ​​assistant provides not only the collection of information about the pages viewed and all user actions in the browser, but also accumulates documents, notes, presentations, spreadsheets and calendar notes. All collected data is divided into several categories, and any document or article is easy to find using dynamic hints. It cannot be said that this is a new approach, but the developers have made the tool really convenient. But is it worth completely trusting him with everything that needs to be remembered?

The expansion allows you to increase the creative output of people, relieving them of the need to expend effort on remembering information. And this is not always good, because such an approach can lead to the fact that people will accustom themselves to simply get ready-made results on demand, and not learn poems by heart and not memorize mathematical tables. It is very likely that applications like Heyday will make the person and his memory even more dependent on technology


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