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Roskosmos is testing elements of the Angara, the production of which will start in 2024

The press service of the Russian Roscosmos announced information on the current development of the project to create a promising line of rockets, known as the Angara.

In particular, it is reported that at the Polet enterprise, which is located in Omsk, they have almost completed the complete assembly of the second stage model called Angara-NZh, intended for the first flight Angara-A5. In addition, the plant has already begun its pneumatic testing – one of a number of key stages before its final assembly.

In addition, the final assembly shop is engaged in the installation of engines on the Angara-A5 tanks, and also at the Polet, the main hydropneumatic elements are assembled and sections of the cable network are laid.

In fact, Angara-NZh is a prototype of the Angara-A5 class launch vehicle, which allows designers to thoroughly test the first flight representative of this launch vehicle and check the corresponding spaceport infrastructure.

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