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Google’s neural network was taught to compose music in any genre according to a text description

Google recently announced the MusicLM artificial intelligence system , capable of composing music in any genre from textual descriptions. AI not only combines genres and instruments, but also writes tracks with the help of abstract concepts that computers usually “digest” with difficulty.

MusicLM successfully synthesizes several genres in one work, for example, it can combine dance club music and reggaeton upon request. Technology is even capable of creating tracks based on buzz, whistle and just an arbitrary verbal description. Like other AI generators, MusicLM has flaws – the quality of some compositions is very doubtful, and the vocals are often incomprehensible.

According to experts, the new technology is not yet ready for widespread use, including due to copyright problems. The fact is that approximately 1% of the music composed by AI is “borrowed” from educational works. So if a user, armed with MusicLM, composes something, then he may well have to get permission to publish his track

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